Fish Braai

Fish Braai on an Open Fire

Bastings can be made using lemon juice, butter and other flavourings like Cajun, pesto, Thai sweet chilli sauce, apricot jam and tapenade.


  • 1 Braai ready Line Fish (Kabeljou, Yellowtail, Red Fish)
  • Oil
  • Salt
  • Pepper
  • Danie’s Lemon Butter
  • Easy Option – try one of Danie’s Braai Sauces



  1. Oil the fish on both sides to prevent sticking to the grid, baste skin side with butter or sauce.
  2. Place fish on a hinged braai-grid and braai over moderate coals. (height test – keep hand for 10sec over coals)
  3. Braai fish on skin side, basting constantly with either butter or sauce. Use some fresh herbs tied into a brush for extra flavour
  4. When fish is done (test – if the flesh flakes, is white, but still moist) turn over on flesh side to brown.
  5. Place a tray over the fish and turn slowly to prevent fish from breaking.
  6. ENJOY!



  • Open grid and place a tray over the skin side of the fish, close grid and turn slowly to prevent fish from breaking.
  • Take care not to overcook – fish needs slow, gentle medium to low heat.
  • Choose the cut of fish and method of braaing – whole, or filleted, on a hinged braai-grid (so that it can be turned), or in foil parcels directly on the coals
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